HAMA Universe App

HAMA Universe offers hours of valuable, educational play while allowing users to be creative and solve fun puzzles.

With a tablet or mobile phone, children can let their creativity blossom wherever they are, even in places where traditional bead play would not be realistic. In the car, on the sofa or waiting for an older sibling to finish their swimming practice - Hama Universe offers hours of creative play.

This app features six islands with about 60 patterns on each. There are 20 different pegboards and 18 different colors, including 3 luminous ones where you need to “turn the light off” to see the attractive effect. When on the rainbow, you can choose between all 20 pegboards and design exactly the pattern you want. If you “iron” it, it will be saved to the big green planet, where you can send it to those you love.

Hama Universe is for everyone who likes to play with beads, but it is designed for children aged 5-7 years as the primary target group. The app can be downloaded for free from AppStore and Google Play.